September 2018 12-Day MizMal Tour

Saturday 8th - Arrival Day

9:30am - Collection at Premier Inn, Titanic Qtr, Belfast
12:30pm Collection at Dublin Airport - Terminal 1 Arrivals designated meeting point
2:00 – 2:30pm 30 min break – Mayfield – M7, Junction 14. All.
4:00pm Collection at Cork Airport - Designated meeting point in the airport terminal. Then we make our way to Cork Airport Hotel where we stay the night (if arriving at Cork Airport early, feel free to make your own way to the Cork Airport Hotel which is a few minutes walk)
5:30pm – Briefing and bike prep - meet in hotel lobby
7:30pm – Meal in hotel

Sunday 9th

7:00 – Breakfast
7:45 –Coach to Mizen Head
10:15 - Arrive Mizen Head
11:00 – Cyclists depart

Daily Cycling Itinerary

Day 1 - Mizen to Glengarrif 37mi 2086ft / 59.6km 635m
Day 2 - Glengarriff To Killarney 44mi 3171ft / 70.8km 966m
Day 3 - Killarney to Kilkee 74mi 3002ft / 119.1km 915m
Day 4 - Kilkee to Lahinch 61mi 2260ft / 98.2km 688m
Day 5 - Lahinch to Ballyvaughan 41mi 2548ft / 66km 776m
Day 6 - Ballyvaughan to Galway 46mi 2034ft / 74.1km 619m
Day 7 - Galway to Clifden 58mi 1918ft / 93.4km 584m
Day 8 - Clifden to Wesport 52mi 3124ft / 83.7km 952m
Day 9 - Westport to Sligo 66mi 2699ft / 106.3km 822m
Day 10 - Sligo to Donegal 52mi 2402ft / 83.7km 732m
Day 11 - Donegal to Letterkenny 55mi 3709ft / 88.6km 1130m
Day 12 - Letterkenny to Malin Head 56mi 3044ft / 90.2km 927m

GPX Route Files

If not renting a Wahoo Elemnt, the GPX files below can be uploaded / imported to the navigation software / device that you normally use. A nice little tool for viewing GPX files is an App called 'GPX Viewer' which can be downloaded for free onto your phone (Android and iPhone).

Day 1 - MizMal_12_Day_1_Glengariff.gpx
Day 2 - MizMal_12_Day_2_Killarney.gpx
Day 3 - MizMal_12_Day_3_Kilkee.gpx
Day 4 - MizMal_12_Day_4_Lahinch.gpx
Day 5 - MizMal_12_Day_5_Ballyvaughan.gpx
Day 6 - MizMal_12_Day_6_Galway.gpx
Day 7 - MizMal_12_Day_7_Clifden.gpx
Day 8 - MizMal_12_Day_8_Westport.gpx
Day 9 - MizMal_12_Day_9_Sligo.gpx
Day 10 - MizMal_12_Day_10_Donegal.gpx 
Day 11 - MizMal_12_Day_11_Letterkenny.gpx
Day 12 - MizMal_12_Day_12_Malin_Head.gpx
Finish to pub - MizMal_12_Finish.gpx

Maps and Elevation Profile

Links to maps and elevation profiles are below. These are in PDF (document) format. It's a good idea to have these available on your smartphone as a backup. You may also print them if you wish. We don't provide printed copies.


Route Previews on 'RidewithGPS':

Day 1 -
Day 2 -
Day 3 -
Day 4 -
Day 5 -
Day 6 -
Day 7 -
Day 8 -
Day 9 -
Day 10 -
Day 11 -
Day 12 -
Finish to pub -

Daily Schedule

To keep things running smoothly, it’s very important that we keep schedule as much as possible. Please give yourself plenty of time.

  • 7:15am - Morning Brief – usually in lobby or as directed
  • 7:30am - Breakfast
  • 8:15am (or immediately after breakfast) - bring your bags to lobby, check out and take bags to van, then remove your bike from storage and prepare for the day's cycle
  • 8:30am - begin cycling (if there is a need to change the start time, you will be notified of this)
  • When you arrive at the next hotel - Check bike for next day (see below)

Bike Care

When you arrive at the finish hotel you will need to check your bike for the next day. DO NOT leave this until the next morning as you are unlikely to have time for any repairs, etc. If a repair needs to be arranged, talk to one of the tour leaders.

Smooth Running Notes

Please note and adhere to the following important points to help things run smoothly:

  1. Pack a small day bag each morning which we will ensure will be easily accessible from the support vehicle (extra clothing, snacks, etc.)
  2. Carry tubes, tyre levers and a pump or gas canister(s) whilst cycling. We recommend you wear your helmet (however it is not a legal requirement in Ireland or N. Ireland)
  3. ALL bags (including your day bag) must be clearly labelled with the labels provided to you at registration
  4. Your Tour Leader has a sheet for emergency contacts - make sure you have completed your ICE (In Case of Emergency) information. This can be done at registration
  5. Lunch and Brew Stops. We will be providing a Brew Stop mid-morning and lunch stop mid-day
  6. When you arrive at your destination please check in at your hotel and store your bike as directed. If no Tour Leader is at hand when you arrive, ask at reception what the arrangements are for bike storage.
  7. Your bags will normally be in the hotel reception.
  8. Once checked in and your bike is stored, the evening is yours to dine and enjoy the sights and pubs of the area, or simply relax and do your own thing.
  9. Please follow the provided route where possible. Your Tour Leader(s) will assess weather conditions and risks each day and determine if any adaptations to the route are required for reasons of safety. These will be communicated to you at a suitable time.
  10. The route is mostly on quieter roads with a few more major roads where necessary to complete the route in seven days. Major roads generally have safe shoulder lanes out of the traffic. All the surfaces are tarmac with varying degrees of “smoothness”.
  11. IF AT ANY TIME YOU FEEL UNSAFE FOR ANY REASON (e.g. weather / wind, traffic, fatigue, illness, mechanical issue) CALL YOUR TOUR LEADER - YOU AND YOUR BIKE WILL BE COLLECTED IN THE SUPPORT VEHICLE. Similarly, your Tour Leader will assess risks and may determine that you must stop cycling and continue your day’s journey in the support vehicle.
  12. Support and sustenance along the way. Lunch locations are marked on each day’s Route Guide. Wet weather alternatives will be arranged. Please consider good hygiene. Colds / viruses can spread like wildfire amongst a group! When snacking or lunching, remove bike gloves and use the hand disinfectant provided. Water canisters will be available for you to refill your bottles. Tea and coffee will be available. You will be expected to bring your own gels, etc (if you use them).
  13. As time allows, the Support Vehicle(s) will ‘leap frog’ the group and if you want us to stop please use the accepted method of clearly patting your head – we will see you in the wing mirror and stop at the next safe location. If you simply “wave” we will take it you are just being friendly 
  14. Safety. Your safety is our primary concern. Most bike crashes are bike on bike. Be careful drafting riders whose riding style you don't know. For example, a rider in front of you may stand up to stretch their legs or on a hill and cause your wheel to overlap – please try to maintain momentum when moving from sitting to standing position in a group. Riding two abreast is recommended and accepted in Ireland unless on a narrow or very bendy road
  15. Call 999 or 112 immediately for any emergency that requires medical attention and then call your Tour Leader. If you have no phone / signal, use whatever means necessary to make a call to the emergency services. For example, flag down a vehicle or approach a nearby house.
  16. Call one of the Tour Leaders for assistance or support anytime. You will be expected to fix any punctures yourself, but for anything else (or if you are just too tired to change a tube!) call us. We’re here to help in any way we can
  17. You will have opportunity to provide feedback on all aspects of the tour once completed. If there is something that you feel strongly needs to be brought to our attention before that, then we welcome your comments and suggestions

Communication and Photo Sharing – Cluster App

If you have a Smart Phone, please download and install the ‘Cluster’ App. This is great for sharing photos and notes amongst the group if you wish. It is secure and only accessible by group members. Important information from the tour leaders will still be communicated at the morning briefing. Follow this link for instructions on how to join the Cluster group -

Safety Notes

Your safety is our top priority. Please note the following points of caution

  • Ring of Kerry after Glenarriff is a popular tourist driving route
  • Be careful in the tunnel at the top of the Caha Pass - advisable to use a rear light
  • After Moll's Gap is the Gap of Dunloe. Roads can be narrow and surface may be rough tarmac with the odd pothole. Some tours are with pony and cart so be careful and slow down as necessary
  • Be careful in Killarney and Tralee as they can be busy with traffic
  • Minor road that we take from Killarney to Tralee is less busy, however has no cycle lanes
  • Be careful embarking and disembarking the Shannon estuary ferry as slipways can be slippy, especially if damp
  • Road to Cliffs of Moher can be busy with tourist traffic / coaches and especially busy in the car park areas
  • Descent from Cliffs of Moher - enjoy, but narrow road and can be busy. Watch out for on-coming traffic
  • Traffic in Doolin – small, but popular destination. Lots of walkers
  • Approach to Galway is busy – bikes are allowed on the bus lanesGalway busy with commuter and tourist traffic as we depart
  • The descent from the Sheephrey Pass is lined with steep rocks and stone walls. It is narrow and there is often gravel in the middle of the road
  • Traffic heavy leaving Westport
  • The long descent in Glenveagh is narrow and there can be gravel in the middle of the road
  • Roads on the Innishowen Peninsula up to Malin Head are narrow, hilly and windy in places.

Points of Interest

Follow this link to read about some of the interesting sights and culture along the way.

Pubs and Restaurants

Follow this link to read about some of the pubs and restaurants worth considering