NI Revolution - Leaders Briefing & Notes

  1. General ethos is relaxed. Enjoy the sights.
  2. YOUR responsibility to have bags labelled. Including ‘day bag’ and please have our numbers on phone
  3. Have you completed the ICE form? Any medical conditions / allergies noted?
  4. Have you stored leaders numbers on your phone?
  5. Covid - we all know what to do. Rem some more nervous than others so be respectful
  6. Riding
    1. as you wish and with whoever you wish
    2. No-one has prioirity on road but be sensitive to cars. Best to avoid waving cars past
  7. Cluster App
  8. WhatsApp group - daily summary will be published each morning noting coffee, lunch, hotel and weather
  9. Evening meals will be advised at briefing each morning 
  10. Lunch is included - marked on Route Guides along with coffee stops and advised each morning
  11. Support team will move ahead and be at lunch location prep lunch in time for first rider arriving. Will wait until all riders through
  12. Bags will be in reception when you arrive
  13. Where practical, the support vehicle will ‘leap frog’ the riders. If we pass don’t wave unless you want us to stop. We will be looking in our mirror and a clear ‘hand on the head’ signal will be seen and we will stop at next safe area
  14. We will carry snacks, fruit, water, cordial, 
  15. If you flag us down you have the option of travelling in the Support vehicle if you are cold or tired, etc. Bike will go in van
  16. Call 999 immediately for any emergency that requires medical attention and then call your Tour Leader
  17. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Wednesday 11th

  • Briefing in hotel Prep Room at 4 pm
  • Build bikes, label baggage, ICE information to tour leader
  • Pedals ON and saddle bags etc OFF please
  • No group meal so book yourselves into restaurant as suits

Thursday 12th

  • Breakfast at 7 am. Dress in cycle gear but no cleats
  • Coach arrives 7:45 am – take your luggage to coach
  • Bikes will already have been loaded by the crew onto the van
  • Arrive Burrendale Hotel, Newcastle approx. 9:30 am
  • Take luggage to Porters Store in hotel and then prep bike for departure at 10:30 am or as soon as briefing is completed. No need to check in at hotel as rooms not ready
  • When you return in the evening, check in and retrieve bags
  • Dining in restaurant is available

Daily Schedule Thereafter

  • 7:15 am Meet in hotel lobby for briefing (cycle gear, no cleats)
  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8:30 am Check out and bags to van THEN collect / prep bike
  • 9:00 am Depart for the day’s cycle