Mizen to Malin (MizMal) with Wild Atlantic Cycling is an end to end cycle tour of Ireland. Think of it as the Irish equivalent of Britain’s Land’s End to John O’Groats, but with rugged coastline, Irish music, unique landscapes and lively pubs. Mizen to Malin to really is something special.

Wild Atlantic Cycling is owned and operated by Paul Kennedy, an avid cyclist with a nose for adventure and detailed knowledge of the West of Ireland. A small team of hand picked associates are also on hand. The route takes in much of Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way and is geared towards intermediate and experienced road cyclists. More information about the company is available here. Mizen to Malin was featured in the Guardian Bike Blog in July 2017


We provide two options: a 7 Day Tour and a 12 Day Tour. The 7 Day Tour is approximately 894 km averaging 128 km per day and the 12 Day Tour is 1,040 km averaging 87 km per day

We transport you to West Cork from Cork Airport. Flying to Cork Airport is the most convenient point of entry. We can also arrange transfers from Dublin Airport. We spend a night in Cork and travel to Mizen Head the next morning. The route takes you along the Mizen Peninsula to Bantry Bay and through the Cork and Kerry mountains. Then the Killarney via the Black Valley and the spectacular Gap of Dunloe. Via Tralee and across the Shannon Estuary on the ferry. We pass the Cliffs of Moher and cycle through the unique limestone plateau of the Burren. On into County Galway, where we ride through the vast open bogs, loughs and mountains of the Connemara National Park with a visit to Clifden on the 12 day tour. Here we enjoy some stunning scenery including the Killary Harbour - one of three glacial fjords in Ireland. We spend a night in Galway City with its  fun vibe and enticing old pubs and Irish traditional music. We continue to the pretty town of Donegal. Then we tackle the Inishowen Peninsula with its remote moorlands and vast sea loughs, and on to Malin Head for the finish - the most northerly point of Ireland. From Malin Head, we provide a convenient transfer back Belfast (International Airport or Premier Inn).


You will sleep and eat breakfast in local, good quality hotels or guest houses in shared or single rooms. Customers are delighted with the high standard of accommodation that we provide. There is a supplement for a single room and the number of singles is limited and subject to availability. Experienced crew will support the trip with help as required. All belongings will be taken ahead to your next stopover and there will be mechanical assistance if required.


You will be supported by an attentive, experienced and friendly team - find out more about the team.


Prices vary for the seven and 12 day tours, as well as time of year. Have a look at the Tour Dates page for further information. We believe we represent great value with no compromise on service or support! The points below explain what is provided:

  1. Transport from Cork Airport or Dublin Airport to the start point for you and your bike. Cork is included in the price, however an extra charge is required for transfers from Dublin Airport to Cork (£50).

  2. Transport to Belfast International Airport Hotel, or Belfast’s Premier Inn (Titanic Qtr) from the finish point for you and your bike is included in the price

  3. Accommodation in good quality hotels (customer feedback has been very positive to the standard of hotels that we use - some include pools and spas)

  4. A delicious 3-course finishing meal

  5. Shannon Estuary ferry fare

  6. Luggage transfer - we move your bags and bits from one location to the next

  7. Breakfast - Irish breakfasts are renowned for keeping you peddling all day

  8. Advice on places to stop for your morning tea or coffee break! There are usually a range of places available to your taste. You will need to pay for yourself on these occasions.

  9. Water, Soft drinks, fruit, cakes, bars, etc. are included in the price and available from the support van

  10. Lunch - delicious lunches in pubs or restaurants are included

  11. Vehicle support - our support vehicle will be a phone call away and if called will be at your location as soon as possible. Depending on the size of group, there will be one or two vehicles supporting you

  12. Rider pickup - if you are tired or ill, you are welcome to ride in the support vehicle. Just call and we will find you and stow your bike securely

  13. Mechanical support - we can help with roadside minor adjustments and repairs (we carry tools, spares, pumps, bike stands, lube and cleaning materials). if we can't solve the problem at the roadside we will take your bike or broken component to where it can be repaired

  14. Spare parts - we carry a selection of common spares in the vehicle which are available to you at cost price. Note, we don't ordinarily have a complete spare cycle available (this is impractical due to the range of sizes and riding a bike that isn't fitted for you may cause problems or injury)

  15. Route information - GPX files for upload to your GPS navigation device. If you don’t have one, you will need to cycle with a friend who has, or hire one from us. We provide simple to use Wahoo Elemnt devices which are very straightforward to navigate with. Al routes are pre-loaded on these.

  16. A 'MizMal' End-to-Enders medal!


  1. Evening meals - Our stopovers all have reasonably priced restaurants and pubs nearby and most of the hotels have good dining. Breakfast and lunch IS included

  2. Accommodation on the last day

  3. Optional trips / entry fees for any excursions you arrange independently

  4. Insurance - you need to organise your own bike and travel insurance as required

  5. Gels, high energy bars, energy powder and shakes - bring your own as per what works best for you and your tummy!


Getting to the Start

The first date on any advertised tour is arrival day. Our meeting point at the start is a venue close to Cork Airport. If required, we provide transfers to Cork Airport for you and your luggage from Dublin Airport. The transfer cost is £50 per person from Dublin. We travel from Cork to Mizen Head the next morning and begin cycling.

Departing at the End

On the last day we cycle to Malin Head where the tour finishes at a venue close to Malin Head. From there we provide transport to the Belfast International Airport and the city of Belfast. Due to the uncertainty of finish times, we discourage you from booking onward flights on the finish evening. Instead you may wish to book into the Maldron Hotel at the Belfast International Airport, or the Premier Inn at the Titanic Quarter, Belfast and continue the next day. Your bike box / bag will be taken to your set-down point where you can then repack your bike at your leisure.

Booking Flights

We have never cancelled a tour due to lack of numbers. However, please refrain from booking flights until we let you know that your tour has reached the minimum number to run. Tours usually run with a minimum of 16 people and a maximum of 24.


You will need to bring your own bike for the seven day tour. Some rental may be available upon request for the 12-Day tour. You can arrive with your bike fully built and ready, or in a travel box or bag. In this case your box or bag will be taken away and stored securely for the duration of the tour. It will be returned to you at the end. The cost for handling is £40.


Have a look at our Photos page for a visual flavour of this fantastic experience!