Am I Fit Enough To Ride MizMal Without Keeling Over?

Am I Fit Enough To Ride MizMal Without Keeling Over?

People often ask us how fit you need to be to ride our MizMal tour. It’s a hard question to answer but we’ll do our best!

First things first: no one here is aspiring to athlete status. We’re not professional racers. More often than not, successful MizMal-ers are leisure weekend cyclists.

Everyone is different. Factors such as general health conditions, injuries, and available training time will affect your overall experience. However if you can ride 50-70 miles once or twice at the weekend, with a few months of focused training you’ll be ready for the MizMal Seven Day tour. If you think a more relaxed pace is for you, we’ve got the more laid-back Twelve Day Tour as an option.

There’s something in the salty sea air once you hit the road down south at Mizen Head. Your adrenaline will kick in and keep you pedalling with the promise of magical landscapes and budding new friendships waiting around every corner. Our MizMal-ers cycle at their own pace and we are there to support if you need us. So long as you’re a capable cyclist looking forward to a bit of a challenge, you’ll be amazing and definitely cross the finish line without keeling over!

With all that said, it’s very important to stay as injury free as possible. Regardless of your current regimen (or lack there of), you’ll want to put in some training time before your tour is set to begin. At the end of the day you need to feel comfortable and strong. Check out our next post with some training tips to get you prepared for one of the most memorable trips you’ll ever take!

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