MizMal City Highlight: Galway

MizMal City Highlight: Galway

While it would be nearly impossible to pick any one city as the best along our MizMal route, we have to admit that Galway is one of our favorites. Set to be 2020’s European Capital of Culture, Galway is situated along the River Corrib where it enters the North Atlantic Ocean via beautiful Galway Bay.

After making our way through the Burren, we cycle into Galway on Day 3 of our seven-day tour and on Day 6 of our twelve-day tour. With a few days of peaceful countryside behind us, this lively city switches up the pace.

Participants love the accommodations at Nox Hotel, and the three hundred year-old Eyre Square. You can grab a cappuccino at one of the many cafés lining the park and plop down in the grass to soak in the buzzy vibe of downtown.

Galway Cathedral, Spanish Arch, and the Long Walk are all within walking distance of the hotel. And the Latin Quarter never disappoints. This neighborhood comes alive at night with a parade of street performers and lively restaurants spilling out into the lane. Head down Shop Street to Quay Lane for some of the best food, shopping, and entertainment in town.

Once you’ve settled in and had a nice walk around, you’ll be sure to find your Wild Atlantic Cycling team at The Quay’s Bar & Restaurant. We love them for their high quality traditional Irish and contemporary music and a pint or two of Guinness after a long day’s ride. Or possibly Tig Coilis – known as the country pub in the middle of the city which promises to give you an experience, as well as the finest pint in the city!

Galway is definitely a city we look forward to returning to!

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