2018 AND 2019 TOUR DATES

'MizMal' (Mizen Head to Malin Head) - Ireland End-toEnd

Find out more about our 7 Day and 12 Day MizMal tour formats!


7 Day - 18th to 25th August 2018 - £1,110-sharing, £265-single supplement TWO SPACES
12 Day - 8th to 20th September 2018 - £1,525-sharing, £430-single supplement FULLY BOOKED


7 Day - 3rd to 10th June 2019 - £995-sharing, £315-single supplement TAKING BOOKINGS
7 Day - 18th to 25th June 2019 - £995-sharing, £315-single supplement  TAKING BOOKINGS
12 Day - 15th to 27th July 2019 - £1,560-sharing, £540-single supplement TAKING BOOKINGS
12 Day - 12th to 24th September 2019 - £1,495-sharing, £540-single supplement TAKING BOOKINGS

Optional Extras

Bike box handling: 2019 price - £25 (If you bring your bike in a box, it will be removed at start, stored and delivered at end)
Aluminium Road Bike Hire: 7 Day-£220, 12 Day-£300
Hybrid Bike Hire: 12 Day-£300 (not available for 7 Day)
Hire of Bike computer / GPS with loaded routes: 7 Day-£35, 12 Day-£50
MizMal Jerseys are also available at the start of the tour for £35 (subject to availability / size)

Deposit Payment

A deposit of £190 will secure your place on any of our tours. Once you complete the booking form, we will send an invoice and when paid your place is secured!