Suggested Bike Sizing Guide

Note, the details below are for guidance only. We recommend you get personal advice on the size of bike you require based on your personal dimensions, etc.

Height: 4'10"-5'0" / 148cm-152cm
Road bike size: 47cm - 48cm
Hybrid bike size: XX-small

Height: 5'0"-5'3" / 152cm-160cm
Road bike size: 49cm - 50cm
Hybrid bike size: X-small

Height: 5'3"-5'6" / 160cm-168cm
Road bike size: 51cm - 53cm
Hybrid mike size: Small

Height: 5'6"-5'9" / 168cm-175cm
Road bike size: 54cm - 55cm
Hybrid bike size: Medium

Height: 5'9"-6'0" / 175cm-183cm
Road bike size: 56cm - 58cm
Hybrid bike size: Large

Height: 6'0"-6'3" / 183cm-191cm
Road bike size: 58cm - 60cm
Hybrid bike size: X-Large

Height: 6'3"-6'6" / 191cm-198cm
Road bike size: 61cm - 63cm
Hybrid bike size: XX-Large