Am I fit enough for a cycle challenge with Wild Atlantic Cycling?

Probably! If you’re even asking the question. Or at least you will be able to get fit enough with a little practise. See our blog post on this very subject -

Do I have to ride at a certain speed?

No. We cater for all levels of riding style.

What type of bike should I ride?

Most ride the Ireland End-to-End on good quality road bikes.

What tyres should I have on my Road Bike?

We suggest a minimum of 25mm.

What are road surfaces like?

All routes are on roads with tarmac. Varying in quality from course tarmac with occasional potholes, to smooth and well maintained. A small number of sections have grass up the middle (adds to the fun!).

How many people are in the group?

Our groups are usually between 12 and 24 people, consisting of solo cyclists, pairs, small groups of friends and club groups.

Should I tip the Guide(s)?

Yes - you can tip what you like - it is not mandatory to tip on our tours, but always appreciated by the hard-working guides and makes a huge difference to them,

A suitable amount is between 20 and 50 Euros per person.

Can I come on my own?

By all means. Many people do. You are free to make new friends and riding buddies, or cycle solo if you wish. We support you whatever!

Must I wear a helmet?

We highly recommend that you always wear a helmet for your own safety. In some countries, wearing of helmets is a legal requirement.

Can I hire a bike?

We strongly encourage people to bring their own bikes. However, in some cases, depending on the tour we may be able to provide bike hire. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Can I bring my own an E-bike?

Yes. Please ensure that you have reviewed the distance and climbing involved in your tour and feel confident that your battery combined with your legs will be able to complete the challenge.

Where do people travel from to ride with Wild Atlantic Cycling?

Lots of places! We regularly get cyclists from England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales as well as the Republic of Ireland.

How do I follow the route?

We send turn-by-turn electronic route files in advance (GPX format). You can upload these to your bike GPS. Alternatively you can rent a bike GPS from us with the routes pre-loaded. We will fit these to your bike. Each morning we will gather together for a briefing and you will receive your own copy of the day's route profile. Route Profiles include high level map, climbing profile and information on coffee and lunch stops. 

What’s the average age of cyclists?

Cyclists of all ages enjoy our tours. Our youngest customer was 17 and our oldest 81!
And both were on the same Ireland end to end tour in Autumn 2022 :)

Can I ride the route in support of a cause or charity?

Yes! Some folk take part in this wonderful challenge in support of a cause or charity. We have some information on our Causes page and also a blog from Brian about his efforts in supporting a charity called Sands. Let us know and we will support in whatever way we can.