Ireland End-to-End from Mizen to Malin

7 day and 12 day options

Cycling from Mizen Head to Malin Head is our legendary journey across the length of Ireland, spanning approximately 550 miles from the southernmost point to the northernmost point of the island. This epic cycle tour takes you through some of Ireland's most breathtaking landscapes, charming towns, and historic sites. Expect great music and apres bike banter in the pub!

Scotland’s North Coast 500

6 cycling days

The North Coast 500 (NC500) is a breathtakingly scenic route that loops around the northern Highlands of Scotland, covering approximately 500 miles of rugged coastline, majestic mountains, and charming villages. A cycle tour of the NC500 offers a unique way to experience this stunning region, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the natural beauty and rich culture of the Scottish Highlands.

Portugal's Iconic N2

6 and 10 day options

Cycling Portugal's N2 from north to south is a remarkable journey that offers a diverse range of experiences. The N2 is Portugal's longest road, spanning approximately 738 kilometers from Chaves in the north to the Algarve region in the south. The route takes you through a variety of landscapes, from the lush greenery of the north to the rolling hills of central Portugal and the Mediterranean landscapes of the south. You'll encounter picturesque countryside, charming villages, vineyards, olive groves, and stunning vistas along the way.

Dubrovnik to Istanbul - the Balkans

17 days or two stages of 6 and 11

Our cycle journey from Dubrovnik to Istanbul is a rich adventure through diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories. Our unique route spans approximately 1,500 kilometers and offers cyclists a mix of coastal roads, mountainous terrains, and vibrant cities. You will cycle in seven countries on this adventure - Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Croatia Islands on Gullet Yacht

6 days

The Croatian islands, scattered along the stunning Adriatic coast, provide a diverse terrain. You will explore multiple islands moving from one to the other on our lovely gullet yacht – your floating hotel! Our carefully designed routes offer an adventure for seasoned cyclists and are more challenging then most cycle tours offered in Croatia. On four evenings you will dine in style on board our yacht attended by the Captain and his crew. The Croatian islands allow you to immerse yourself in truly breathtaking coastal scenery, with azure waters, rugged cliffs, and charming coastal towns. The routes often wind through olive groves, vineyards, and historic villages.

Spanish Pyrenees Coast to Coast

7 day and 12 day options

A cycle tour in the Spanish Pyrenees promises breath-taking scenery, challenging climbs, and vibrant culture. Be sure to soak in the spectacular surroundings. And don't forget to sample the delicious local cuisine, from hearty mountain stews to sweet pastries made with locally sourced ingredients. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, our Pyrenees Coast to Coast is sure to provide an unforgettable cycling experience.

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Ireland End-to-End (MizMal) 

Scotland NC 500

Portugal N2

Dubrovnik to Istanbul (Balkans)

Croatia Islands

Spanish Pyrenees

How do we work? Our bike tours are fully supported and designed for road cycling enthusiasts. Ride at your own pace. Luggage is moved from stop to stop. We use good quality accommodation. Routes are carefully crafted to ensure you see the best scenery, enjoy great stopovers. Groups are usually between 12 and 24 people from all walks of life.