2024 Cycle Tours

All our tours are long-distance, point-to-point challenges for reasonably accomplished cyclists. The degree of challenge varies, and generally each tour suits either 'Avid' or 'Active' cycling styles. Find out what your style is here and please feel free to get in touch using our contact form if you have questions about suitability!


Portugal N2 (Top to Bottom) 4th to 11th May 2024 (Avid)

Portugal N2 (Top to Bottom) 14th to 21st May 2024 (Avid)


Ireland End to End 1st to 8th June 2024 (Avid)

Scotland NC 500 8th to 16th June 2024 (Avid)

Ireland End to End 15th to 27th June 2024 (Active)

Scotland NC 500 16th to 24th June 2024 (Avid)


Ireland End to End 6th to 13th July 2024 (Avid)

Ireland End to End 20 July 2024 01 August 2024 (Active)


Ireland End to End 10th to 17th August 2024 (Avid)

Dubrovnik to Istanbul - Balkans 18 August to 5th September 2024 (Active)

Ireland End to End 24th August to 5th September 2024 (Active)


Croatia Cycle-Sail 14th to 21st September 2024 (Active)

Portugal N2 (Top to Bottom) 24th September to 1st October 2024 (Avid)


Portugal N2 (Top to Bottom) 4th to 15th October 2024 (Active)

Spain Coast to Coast 5th to 13th October 2024 (Avid)

Spain Coast to Coast 16th to 29th October 2024 (Active)